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Why Choose Us

Looking for bras that are comfy, sexy, and healthy for your breasts? Our bras are made just for you!

To make your breasts ultimately healthy, our bras not only use patented non-toxic removable bra cups with 616 pores, but also have the combination of natural fabric, wire-free, and wide straps for ultimate comfort. 


100% cotton in the cups so no toxic chemicals will ever touch your breasts again. Cotton is moisture-wicking and much more breathable than synthetic fibers that are treated heavily with chemicals.


Our bras do not have underwires not only for comfort, but also for health reasons. Our wire-free bras are fashionable and beneficial to all types of women, from teens during puberty to elderly, women who experience breast tenderness during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, and women with any breast problems. Our bras are suitable for any woman who prefers healthy breasts.



Our comfortable and supportive bras can be worn for work, yoga, exercise, and leisure. They can also be worn for more than 8 hours a day and be worn to sleep to alleviate breast discomfort.


Our bras can not only give you enough support and coverage with our bra cups, but can also give you extra room and comfort without the bra cups. Additionally, our bra cups can give you a fuller bust silhouette that looks perfectly natural.


Our straps are about 1-2 inches wide to provide more comfort and prevent redness, soreness, and deep grooves in the shoulder. Wide straps also do not fall easily.

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